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Research indicates that military children attend on average six to nine different schools. Students who transition frequently have many needs. Five school districts with approximately 110 schools partnering with the University of Southern California plan to comprehensively address the transition needs of military students. Each district will organize transition teams and resource centers to coordinate the transition process. The Welcoming Practices Consortium will develop a suite of electronic applications to support transitions. This suite of PC, iPad, ePad and smartphone applications will ensure that students and parents are informed of all required documentation and relevant eligibility criteria even before they arrive to the district, link them with school, district and community supports, provide reminders of referrals and appointments. Staff development will support the effectiveness of transition teams and centers and the use of the electronic transition supports. The project will increase school engagement and belonging, academic achievement, and the well-being of transitioning military students and parents. It will enhance awareness of the needs of transitioning military students and families, and spread best practices and technologies developed by the consortium across the nation.